Artist Statement

By employing performance and technology, my work plays with fragmented memories, exploring a sense of disorientation where personal experiences and sensuality intertwine with space and time. I am attracted to social pariahs and misfits experiencing personal transformations, which contextualizes my film and video work in sociology, new media and performance studies. My research interests in anthropological forms currently focus on how society perceives the “other” in cinema and dance. It investigates the complex discourse of ideas about the body on screen through intersectional identities shaped by life-changing events.

Inspired by ethnographic and playful experimental filmmaking, I am interested in developing a distinctive style not only as a form of art for intellectual engagement but to create a visceral experience. By emphasizing ideologies of storytelling and narrative practices, I want to use the cinematic medium with purpose and make films that are accessible to universal audiences. I intend to offer them an opportunity to reexamine their personal histories and beliefs through an individual's emotional journey with a fresh perspective.